Sasang Constitution – Soyangin


1. Characteristics in Appearance & Behavior

This type of man has the strong function of the spleen and the weak function of the kidneys. so the part of the chest which belongs to the region of the spleen is well developed ( however, lesser developed than Tae-Yang-In ).

The part of the nates (hip) which belongs to the region of the kidneys is weak.

He is not fat and has the upper-strength and lower-weakness: walks fast with his head high up and looking around because of the strong passion in the chest: has the long face, sparling eyes, thin lips, the lantern-jaws, and the white skin (not glossy).

He hardly sweats and has the clear voice : talks very well: sometimes illogical-specially more when he is exited: looks careless: makes many mistakes because he jumps to the quick conclusion.

He has the easy going way of life: is easy to get tired of whatever he does.

namely he sticks to nothing.

2. Mentality

This types of man likes to do the outer works: on the contrary, neglects his own domestic life.

He is a man of quick judgement: lacks in the planning and deep consideration: is apt to abandon if anything does not go smoothly as he intended.

As he is a man of moral courage and has the strong sense of indignation, he cannot repress it against the injustice apart from the consideration of gain or loss.

If the opponent regrets his won fault, he easily forgives and further feels sympathy for the opponent, if he himself finds out that he is wrong, he falls into the serious depress.

This type of man has an quality to pioneer and develop something new, but lacks in the ability to systemize and complete it. He is straight-forward to talk everything in mind without reservation: stands away from his own interest and most dislikes the defection.

3. Frequent illnesses and symptoms.

renopathy, recurrent low back pain and impotence, to get angry easily, summer weakness

4. Proper food

pork, rye oysters, cucumber, green bean, melon, etc