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All these writings below are the testimonials from our patients and they wanted to share their experience of acupuncture and eastern medicine for their health condition with other people who are looking for the alternatives to their current treatment or more natural and non-invasive ways of treatment. We  believe that these testimonials will help more people to understand “How Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine” works for each different disease and health condition.

Disclaimer: Results might vary from person to person and also by each person’s health conditions and its severity. If you suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, you should consult your appropriate health care provider first.

Patient Testimonials

Acupuncture Babies

Acupuncture Babies

Our Acupuncture Babies – Acupuncture helps pregnant women with breech presentation, overdue and to have better delivery and labor, mothers of these babies all had acupuncture before or/and during pregnancy.

Acupuncture for Infertility: Helping Woman to Get Pregnant

I began working with Dr. Kim after 9 months of trying to concieve, one miscarriage, and another tubal pregnancy which led to a tubal removal. Two weeks after my surgery I began working with Dr. Kim. I was told by my doctor that I could start trying again, but, to not get my hopes up for that particular month since I would be ovulating from the ovary without a tube. After 6 weeks of herbs and acupuncture with Dr. Kim, I was able to conceive my daughter against all odds. I whole heartedly believe that Dr. Kim is the reason my perfect daughter is here. Thank you Dr. Kim.

Adriana C NYC SEP, 2014

Acupuncture Labor Induction

New baby, Mendon, We are so happy to see you.

New baby, Mendon, We are so happy to see you.

“Dr. Kim, wanted to thank you again for your help. I ultimately had a repeat c/section at 9cm due to umbilical cord around the neck, but it wasn’t for lack of labor. I went from 1-9cm in 5 hours…Here is our son:”


She had 2 acupuncture treatments for induction in a row and the night on the second visit, went to the hospital therefore she could avoid the medical induction.

Acupuncture induction is worth a try before you are going to medical induction and it also seems to help labor little easier go to acupuncture 1 week prior to due date is my recommendation.

Yelp Reviews

I have been seeing Dr Kim weekly since Aug 2016.  I find his work so incredibly effective.  We have worked on everything from recurring feminine issues to colds, mental clarity, monkey mind, tension release and love blocks.  His intuitive awareness of my needs and needle placement is a real gift and he is not just an acupuncturist, he is a true healer.

I also have twin teenage boys who see Dr. Kim on an every other week basis.  Ben initially saw him as he was having recurring migraines, to the point he would need to miss school.  Dr Kim not only alleviated the recurring problem but identified the source as tension stemming from his neck.  This tension was the result of a broken arm Ben had suffered the year prior.
Sam initially saw Dr Kim as he had a hard time sitting still in school, focusing in class and focusing while reading.  Not only has Sam’s GPA improved since starting with Dr Kim but Sam himself will talk about the obvious benefits of Dr Kim’s work.  Coming from a kid who was highly hesitant to begin acupuncture, this is a big feat.  I also received an email from one of Sam and Ben’s teachers stating he could see a change in the way they were participating in class. They have also seen Dr. Kim for colds, acne and styes.

Susan A., March 2017


Dr. Kim has changed my life. I spent over a year in physical therapy and nothing, I mean nothing helped with my lower back. I always wanted to try acupuncture, but was reluctant as it seemed like a hoax. WAS I WRONG. I’ll say it again, Dr. Kim completely changed my life. My back pain–GONE. Not only has my back pain subsided, I am able to run, jog and do yoga again. All activities I wasn’t able to do. He has a way about him that makes you feel so comfortable. He’s patient, intuitive, smart, caring and his needle placement is a real gift. I am a better person because of him and I’ll forever be indebted.

Nicki F. , April 2017


I’ve always been skeptical of acupuncture, but after Kaiser gave me anti-depressants as a pain medication, and began to recommend more and more invasive treatment of my chronic pain, I decided to try out something a little less aggressive.

I’ve got several pain issues with different causes, but rather than go through all of that, I’ll just focus on the one reason for my five star review, and how I know that acupuncture works, and that Tao of Medicine is an effective practitioner.

I broke my wrist in a motorcycle accident thirteen years ago. It healed cleanly, except there’s been a constant aching tension in my forearm and the base of my palm. A muscle cramp that never went away for thirteen years. I would massage and stretch it nigh daily to little lasting effect.

One treatment of the area with acupuncture, and the pain and tension were gone. It’s been weeks without a recurrence. My other aches and pains are slowly improving with other treatments, but that single success is enough to make me a lifelong proponent of acupuncture as practiced at Tao of Medicine. Thank you, Dr. Kim!

Chris B., February 2017

Breech Presentation

Hi Dr Kim.
Just to let you know that as of yesterday’s ultrasound checkup, my baby is not breech anymore. He is in the optimum position for delivery. Though this could change, my ObGyn says, I’m happy he moved down. We just have to keep checking.
Thanks for your assistance

Marian, November 2013, Los Angeles, CA

Acupuncture Labor Induction

January 17th at 37 weeks pregnant I went to Dr Kim to help me induce my delivery with acupuncture. A friend from Tahiti told me it worked for her. As I wanted my little girl to be born before the Chinese lunar new year, I had 13 days for that to happen. After the 4th session spread over 7 days I started going into labor 30 hours later. I gave birth vaginally with no complications to a little girl of 8lbs at the end of my 38th week of pregnancy. Thank you Dr Kim! :))

2 days after delivery, I started a case of postpartum Pupps, little rashes over my belly due to the accumulation of toxins in my liver with the epidural and to breastfeeding hormones. Dr Kim prescribed some oriental herbs to flush my liver. 3 days after taking the herbal drink as prescribed with some Dandelion my rashes and the itchiness started to fade. Thank you Dr Kim!

Nancy, Santa Monica February 2014

Hello! I am just getting this email since I check my work email sporadically while on maternity leave. I am the HAPPIEST woman and enjoying time with Sawyer our lovely little boy! Jordan and I are enjoying parenthood and he is adjusting well – sleeping 6 hrs + 2-3hrs at night and eating really well. I’m breastfeeding completely. He was 8lbs 4oz at birth and 20 inches and now at 6 weeks is 11lbs 13oz. I would love to stop by your office so you can meet him, so I’ll try to find a time this week. I can fill you in on the birth as well. The short story is that I did it all natural with no pain meds in under 9 hours! Woohoo!

Rachel, Venice February 2014

We are so grateful to have our baby boy. Thanks for all your help. I really credit the acupuncture forgetting pregnant after so many months of trying, we were so fortunate after only 3 months with your care to conceive. our baby boy is healthy and beautiful. we couldn’t be happier!

Dawn, Valencia

Yes,she arrived – nearly two weeks late! we are so happy that she is finally here – Thank you so much for all your help in getting us to this point! I hope you and your family are doing well.Elsie Joy Park – Arrived Tuesday July 19th at 12.45pm – (12 days late via C-section!) love from Tessa, Steve and Elsie xx, 20

I have been seeing Dr. Kim for 2 months now with amazing results. I am 4 months pregnant and was suffering with severe migraine nausea. My headaches and nausea are gone. I have suffered with migraines for over 15 years prior to being pregnant. I never knew there could be a natural cure for headaches. My OBGYN suggested I try acupuncture and I’m so relieved to be rid of debilitating headaches. I have been very happy with my experience and I highly recommend Dr. Kim’s acupuncture. He is very kind, patient and professional.

Patty, Santa Monica Jan 1, 2010

Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety and Allergies

I have been working with Doctor Kim for over a month and the results are clear as day. I have fatigue problems as well as allergies and an underlying anxiety problem I didn’t know I had. It wasn’t till Dr. Kim noticed it and treated it. I felt immediate relief and felt like a cloud had cleared and my other problems started to fade away. He treated the source. The biggest change is the overall peace I have experienced since working with Dr. Kim. He’s a healer and a wise sage. Highly recommended.

Jonny C. Los Angeles, CA Aug, 2014

Knee Pain

I have been nagged by chronic tendinitis in my knee over a year. Since Dr. Kim started treating my knee, I have seen a significant improvement in the day-to-day pain levels from this. I have been able to get back to running and biking with minimal pain; both activities would typically generate a lot of pain lasting several days. Now it is minimal and is not noticeable the following day.

David M. August 2013 Los Angeles, CA

Meniere’s Disease (Severe Vertigo)

3 months ago, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease when I started to have severe vertigo attacks that would last for 3 hours.

If you don’t know what vertigo is, it’s extreme dizziness to the point where you can’t walk or stand because the room looks like it’s quickly spinning.  It’s very debilitating. This would happen about once to twice a week and really affected my daily life.

Because Meniere’s disease is caused by a build up of fluid in the inner ear, ringing in the ears and diminished hearing loss are also symptoms that I had.  Western medicine doesn’t have an answer to the root cause of the disease and there isn’t medication or a surgical procedure to cure the disease, although in extreme and long-term cases there are surgeries to help alleviate the symptoms, but it doesn’t cure you.

Although the ringing in my ears and hearing loss was disturbing, the vertigo episodes and constant fear of not knowing when it would happen again was my main concern.   After doing some research online on other Meniere’s patients, there were many people that said that they gave acupuncture a try after western medicine didn’t do much for them.  So, I asked a good friend of mine who had been suffering from very bad migraines for years, who the acupuncturist was that she saw because I remember her raving about how much she liked him.  (Side note, this friend of mine is very particular and very critical of any product or service that she pays for, so for her to recommend anyone to me said a lot.)

I set up an appointment with Dr. Kim and in the first appointment we sat down and went over what I’ve been experiencing.  The biggest impression that I got was that he really listened to me and put thought into how to treat my symptoms.  By his questions and responses it really looked like he was problem solving my specific condition rather than just going by what “the book” says as the standard treatment protocol.  He genuinely seems to care about his patient’s success and recovery and is generous with his time as I’ve never felt rushed even with all the questions that I ask him being a newbie to acupuncture.  (If you’re worried about the needles, it’s really not a big deal and I really am not a fan of shots and injections.  You barely feel them.)

Now to the results.  After the first two months of treatment and herbal tea, the ringing in my ears went away and my hearing is also back to normal levels.  What I’m most thankful for is that as of this writing, I haven’t had a vertigo episode in over 6 weeks! 3 months ago, I never would have thought that I would be saying this.  To go from weekly attacks to a month and a half of no episodes is a big step.  I’m back to my normal work schedule and exercising twice a week like before.

I continue to see Dr. Kim regularly to maintain the progress that I’ve made.

Stacy:  JULY 2013, Los Angeles

Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain from Surfing Injury

After dealing with a neck/shoulder problem that existed for 2+ years, I went to Dr. Kim and finally started to see results.  I had tried massage therapy, chiropractic care, and a heavy stretching regiment to no avail prior to going to see him.  I found him very thorough and helpful in learning what the root of my problem was, and after just a few visits finally started to be able to perform my daily activities with no pain.  What I once thought was just a discomfort that I had to learn to live with, turned into being an issue that was completely fixable with a little bit of help.  I certainly wish I had gone to see him two years ago.  Dr. Kim has opened my eyes to how resilient the body is and with a little bit of help here and there physical ailments don’t need to last as long as we sometimes let them.

Rodger H, May 2013 Venice, CA

Foot Pain Related to Poor Blood Circulation

What a relief! I went to Dr. Kim after suffering years of foot pain, and to address a more recent sports injury. Never having tried acupuncture, I was so surprised at how quickly my symptoms dissipated. I also appreciate the convenient location, efficient staff and especially Dr. Kim’s personal attention and expertise. I am very happy with the results of my treatment and would recommend Tao of Medicine wholeheartedly.

Sabrina B. May, 2013 Santa Monica, CA

Gastroenterological Disorder

I suddenly got ill last year with constant stomach pains/burning sensations. I went to 4 GI doctors who could only prescribe acid reducing drugs that did nothing but cause me more pain.The pain caused me to only be able to work part-time. At the advice of a naturopathic doctor, I went to an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist. I started acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbs in November 2012, but after 3.5 months I felt only a little better.

I returned to work full-time in January of this year, but still was in constant pain. I still believed that acupuncture and Chinese herbs would help me, so I decided to change acupuncturists in February. I am so glad I found Dr. Kim because only after a few weeks of treatments and Chinese herbs, I felt better than I did after 3 months of treatments I had with the other acupuncturist. I have been seeing Dr. Kim now for over 3 months, 2 times a week. We recently changed it to once a week since I have stabilized. I still have some pain daily, but the pain is not as debilitating as it was before. I am able to not dread going to work each day because of the pain. And I am able to exercise now without having pain when I move. I am also able to now enjoy some of the foods that I had to cut out before. I am looking forward to continue healing with Dr. Kim!

Nhi T May, 2013 Los Angeles

High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood about a year and a half ago and immediately started the medications my doctor prescribed.  They worked in terms of treating these two problems but they also made me feel awful (no energy, lightheaded, dizzy….).  After living with it for 6 months I felt I had nothing to loose and decided to try acupuncture.  I’m happy to say it worked to the point where I could cut out 2 of my 4 meds altogether and reduce the dosage on another.   I can’t say I understand how it all works but I feel like my system is in balance now, I feel like myself again.

John N 05/14/2013 Venice, CA

Postpartum Bell’s Palsy: Bell’s palsy can occur in the immediate post-partum after mild preeclamptic symptoms. A fast and accurate diagnosis with a subsequent immediate treatment might be very important in avoiding worsening of the symptoms and therefore improve the recovery prognosis. acupuncture is very effective for Bell’s Palsy.

I’ve never had acupuncture before and as a first timer I’m having a pleasant experience. Dr. Kim knows what he’s doing and is treating my bell’s palsy a week after having my child in October. When I went into the ER not knowing what was going on with my face, the doctor said there was nothing I can do but massage my face and start doing facial exercises and eventually it will go away.Way to go doc! Well, after 3 months of that and vitamin B12 shots which I received from my mother ( thanks mom!) I was 100% satisfied with my results. I still felt my face numb and my nerves were not reacting like I hoped they would. I also had a hard time closing my right eye from this experience. I wish someone would of told me sooner that acupuncture would help my situation. Dr. Kim will ask you a series of questions to get background information. He examined my face and had me do several facial expressions to see which nerves were working or not. He also took a picture before he started the acupuncture for the before and after results. I seriously started seeing result after my first session. He first worked on my smile which he straightened out. He then worked on my nerves near my nose and cheeks, and now my right eye. The needles don’t hurt one bit. He has a very steady hand.  I have been going to him for over a month and every week I am feeling more of my nerves coming back to life and I’m able to move the right side of my face a lot more. My face looks soooooooo much better.  Julie L.  3/4/2013, Los Angeles

Auto accident: severe headache and neck with shoulder pain I had been in a car accident and tried a few things including physical therapy and prescribed muscle relaxers before being recommended to Dr. Kim. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found acupuncture from Dr. Kim really worked for me. He helped with my painful neck, shoulder and back. I also received a lot of instant relief from migraine-like headaches. – Howard  F.   1/20/2013, Los Angeles

Over the years, I have received countless treatments for my sports injuries by different practitioners of East Asian Medicine, but I have never experienced a quicker recovery with any other doctor besides Dr. H. Kim. When an old knee injury flared up, I came to him in pain with a huge, swollen knee joint. Dr.Kim attacked the problem in several different ways. I felt immense relief even after the first session. Soon the swelling went down; I regained flexibility and was pain free. Dr.Kim is a very knowledgeable, experienced and caring doctor. I am so happy to be in his capable hands. – Anett M. May 2012, Los Angeles

I came for treatment with Dr.Kim when I had been in and out of emergency rooms for back and neck problems. I had a couple of epidurals and ablations in addition to physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments and while these efforts gave me relief, I was still in constant pain and knew there must be something more that could relieve my discomfort. I had never had any acupuncture treatments before and sought it out in desperation more than anything else and I’m thankful I did. I really didn’t know what to expect and after the second treatment, I began to experience additional relief and as I continued, began to enjoy even more relief. While I don’t think as a senior citizen, I’ll ever enjoy a total healing; I would not go without my acupuncture treatments now. Dr. Kim is professional while being gentle and it is my pleasure now to recommend him to anyone needing treatment. – Charlotte, Los Angeles, May 2012

I slipped at work and sprained my right hip and thigh. The pain was so intense that I was unable to walk. When I went to the worker’s compensation doctor, I requested acupuncture in addition to the bed rest that was prescribed. The initial consolation with Dr. Kim included a complete medical history as well as an in-depth discussion of the purpose of my visit. After Dr. Kim examined me, he was able to target the exact location of the pain with the acupuncture needles. When the needles were initially inserted, I could feel the pain therapeutically intensify. This therapeutic pain slowly dissipated the longer the needles remained in place. At the end of the session, Dr. Kim adjusted the needles to target the areas one last time before the needles were removed. Each session was ended with a radio-therapy, which felt amazing after the acupuncture treatment. The results were remarkable. After the first session, I was still in a lot of pain, but was able to put weight on my leg and walk to the car. After receiving three sessions a week for four weeks, my hip and thigh are now 100% pain free. In addition to the acupuncture, Dr. Kim prepared a customized herbal formula. The formula contained several herbs to help the healing process. After taking the formula for a few days I noticed an increase in energy, a decrease in pain, my nails were stronger and my body temperature was no longer cold. I’m a cancer survivor with osteoporosis. Prior to meeting Dr. Kim, I was taking herbal supplements to support my immune system but didn’t know what to take to strengthen my bones. I no longer felt comfortable taking the bisphosphonate pharmaceuticals since recent statistics revealed that taking these medications increase fractures rather than decreasing fractures. Now I have the solution, Dr. Kim’s customized herbal formula. I highly recommend Dr. Kim. He’s a skilled and experienced medical professional that truly cares about his patients. – JoAnne Lee, Los Angeles April 2012

I have been seeing Dr Kim for about a year or so. I came to him after tearing my hip labrum and being advised to have surgery. Initially, I knew that surgery was an option I may pursue, but my mobility, sleep and pain management has gone from a 6/10 to a 9/10 after seeing Dr Kim for a couple of months (and back on a snowboard in less time than that!!). While yoga/diet and other factors have helped, I attribute the greatest part of pain relief and better sleep from day 1 to his work. Once my hip stabalized, I also noticed the additional stress relief and holistic health benefits as well. What, for me, was a desperate attempt to avoid surgery has become a weekly opportunity to invest in my health, both physically and mentally. Dr Kim is a great ambassador for acupuncture and wellness. I hope you get a chance to see for yourself why I value his practice!! – Jimmy T., Santa Monica February 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Kim for 3 bulging discs in my neck from a car accident. I was in a lot of pain when I came to see Dr. Kim. After my first session I literally walked out the door called my husband to tell him how my session went and burst into tears. It was the first time in months that I had finally had relief from my pain and felt like there was light at the end of the tunnel. Every treatment with Dr. Kim is him taking the time to access where the pain is and treat my current situation. Which fluctuates from week to week as it is very easy for me to re-injure myself. He is very intuitive and sensitive. I don’t know what the woman below is talking about. Maybe she doesn’t hear English properly? I have never had a problem communicating with Dr. Kim. He is a very knowledgeable and compassionate healer. – Brooke, Los Angeles, February 2012

Fantastic! I was skeptical about whether or not acupuncture could help me, because I’d been to several acupuncturists over the years with no success, but Dr. Kim has been amazing for me and my boyfriend for a variety of issues: healing back/neck/shoulder pain, and rehabilitation after knee surgery. I highly recommend him! – Lili, Musician, Venice CA February 2012

I’ve wanted to add my testimony of your skill as an acupuncturist and ‘healer’. For 15 years I have struggled with digestive disorders that had slowly begun to dominate my daily lifestyle, what I ate, or couldn’t eat, how often and when I’d dare. By the time I made an appointment with you I was in such pain that you were my last resort before I ended up in a hospital. After being under your supervision for 4 or 5 weeks, the changes that I had begun to experience were dramatic. My intestines were working again and I cannot express how relieved I felt. I finally saw hope! For 15 years I had struggled, trying to self cure with enemas and a restrictive diet and now my digestive system was functioning, once again, on its own! The transformation back to health is remarkable and I am so grateful. I hope that others in need of healing will be supported by you as I have been. – Ann, Los Angeles January 2012

After suffering from lowerback pain for months. I saw Dr Kim 3 times of Acupuncture. I was able to race at full power! and our team made it to the first podium. Thanks again, Aron – Racer – – AMGEN/UBS Masters, Marina Del Rey

aron-racerDr. Kim has a wonderful practice. His treatments for neck and right arm pain, which kept me waking up, have shown both immediate and long term results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kim for his knowledgeable professional caring. – Craig Architect, Santa Monica

When I started seeing Dr. Kim, I was having shoulder and arm pain, within a few weeks the pain was gone! Dr.Kim performs a through evaluation and listens, the treatments I have received have been based on what was needed at that moment. This is the first time I have tried acupuncture and now I am a believer. Thank you Dr. Kim – Anita RN, Santa Monica

I am 36 years old and have been diagnosed with disc slippage and I was severe pain day an night. I couldn’t stand straight, I couldn’t sit comfortably or hold my children. I would cry myself to sleep at night because it hurt so bad to lay down, and my feet and leg would throb. I had never tried acupuncture. After treatment I have no pain. It was like I was never I that pain. Every now and then I will get a backache when I’m cleaning house or doing yardwork, but It doesn’t last long. I’ve told everyone I know who is in any type of pain to go to Dr. Kim. Thank you for giving my life back. – Aimee,Thousand Oaks

Dr. Kim is a knowledgeable, dedicated and effective practitioner. He has helped me enormously to resolve my low back pain and I am especially grateful for his caring approach. – Nell Schaefer, Brentwood

I came to see Dr. Kim for the first time about 9 months ago. In my opinion, I was a mess! Dr. Kim calmly listened to the myriad of issues that were afflicting me, and began his work, without any judgement or haste- and without making FEEL like I was a mess!. I had problems with digestion and constipation for the better part of my life. I suffered from mild depression, fatigue, lack of libido and mood swings. Dr Kim told me that this was due mainly to hormonal imbalances after having my son three years ago. I just overall felt quite unlike myself. After just a few weeks my digestion issues were solved, I was regular- and still am today. I have more energy and I am much easier to be around. Sometimes I will connect so much with the Qi release, that I feel like I am levitating above the table. Sometimes I just feel relaxed after a session. I have neck issues and headaches occasionally that he focuses on and alleviates, and at times have a wrist and shoulder pain that flares up. I see Dr Kim about once a week to this day, and I can honestly say that he changed my life, for the healthier. I feel human again. – Carmell, mother, wife & writer

As a scientist trained in Western thinking I was skeptical as to whether Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal medicines would ever work, but seeing is believing. My wife was suffering with Meniere’s syndrome, and intense reactions to environmental allergens. For several years she was taking just about every medicine available with no real progress. After 6 months of treatment by Dr Kim, she is free of Meniere’s syndrome and has her allergies well under control with no use of any invasive or harsh chemicals. I’m amazed at the outstanding results she has obtained through the application of traditional Eastern, so called “alternative medicine”, I have no reservations in recommending Dr Kim to anyone who wants to be free from negative symptoms, and particularly those who don’t want to use harsh, invasive and dangerous chemicals that are the normal prescription products widely dispensed in our society today. – GR, PhD West Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Kim has been integral in treating my stress, chronic sciatica and post-op knee recovery. I have been to many accupuncturists, but with Dr. Kim I have never been in such knowing and accurate hands with such a clinical and intuitive sense. His kind compassion and desire for the greater well being of his patients is limitless. Gratefully so!” – Alison C., Brentwood

I am a former college athlete, and still very active in beach volleyball and weight lifting. Over the last two years, I’ve damaged my shoulder, sprained my knee and torn a muscle in my arm. Dr. Kim has been a lifesaver for all my injuries. Visits to his office the day before a tournament have enabled me to play when I thought it was a lost cause, and his on-going treatments have helped to cure to my aliments over the long term. Equally, if not more important, he’s helped me to center my focus and deal with the typical ups and downs that come with a stressful career and busy lifestyle. I have recommended Dr. Kim to many friends and plan on being a long-standing patient. – Raleigh, Santa Monica

I have had chronic pain for a long time and have been searching for a solution or at least a way to manage my situation for years. The first time I saw Dr. Kim, I began to find the relief I was searching for and some hope. He’s a great acupuncturist and doctor and a lovely person. I’m not at the end of the tunnel yet. But with Dr. Kim’s help, I’m making my way through. – Rebecca, West Los Angeles

I have suffered severe migraine for over 30 years and visited many acupuncturists. Not until my husband made a ‘911’ call in Sept 08 to Dr. Kim, have I met a more caring, thorough, dedicated, effective doctor. I was in extreme pain to my stomach and head, I had lost 24lbs, been to ER andmany specialists over the previous 2 weeks. Dr Kim, listened, really heard me, worked toward the root of the problem and continues to do so. Not only did I feel immediate relief, over time, my digestion improved, my migraines are far less debilitating, I have gained weight, I have energy, as an added bonus my body temperature is a lot warmer, in short, I have my life back! From simple colds to stopping my hot flashes, Dr. Kim has attended to all my issues. Dr. Kim is clearly committed to his profession giving his patients the very best care possible, he is very professional, approachable and friendly a wonderful family man. I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone considering relieving pain or pain prevention. When I leave my session I feel completely relaxed, pain free and energized. Thank you so much, Dr. Kim. – Jo, West Los Angeles

My name is Arisa, 38 years young. Within the last two years, I’ve been in four car accidents. As a result, I have lower back pain. When I was first introduce to Dr. Kim. By Dr. Lee, I was quite apprehensive. I don’t do needles. Dr. Kim has a smooth way of relaxing his patients. His acupuncture technique is as gentle as a butterfly.Not only with his selection of melodic music but with his charming wisdom about how acupuncture works. Dr. Kim knows his stuff. Which put me at ease and I trust his recommendations such as to start taking Yoga classes. Only after a few months I felt immediate relief. In addition to the acupuncture he performs two other procedures. One is the comatose cupping which puts me to sleep each and every time. Dr. Kim rubs soothing herbal oils and places heated cups on my lower back. Also the chimneys are quite a delight as well…..It sneaks up on you. They feel like mini fire crackers. After both procedures, coupled with the acupuncture, my back felt close to a 100% better. I must admit if I miss my visit with Dr. Kim, my back goes through separation anxiety. I have made Dr. Kim a part of my weekly Health Care regiment. Life before Dr. Kim was pure miser. Life after Dr. Kim is pure Bliss. I recommend to everyone to make Dr. Kim a part of your Health Care regiment even if you haven’t been in a car accident. Thank you Dr. Kim for making me healthy. – Arisa, Simi Valley

I went to see Dr. Kim knowing that my body was way out of balance. I was experiencing a lot of symptoms of hypothyroidism and generally feeling badly. Dr. Kim’s medical philosophy didn’t require an allopathic diagnosis, rather he treats the whole system and brings the body back into harmony. Within two months of treatments I felt my vitality and health had been restored; I felt joy again. Dr. Kim is a master of his medicine; he is an extremely knowledgeable and intuitive healer, his treatment is holistic, his understanding of the body profound, and his approach is gentle and loving. I would recommend his expertise to all! – Anya, West Hollywood

New Born Happy BabyWe are so grateful to have our baby boy. Thanks for all your help. I really credit the acupuncture for getting pregnant after so many months of trying, we were so fortunate after only 3 months with your care to conceive. our baby boy is healthy and beautiful. we couldn’t be happier! – Dawn , Valencia

I found Dr. Kim while looking in desperation for a well qualified acupuncturist that would also deal with worker’s comp cases. I had been told by doctors that the only thing that would help the pain in my arms and elbows was hormone injections, addictive pain killers, and possible surgery that would take a year to heal for each arm. Even after all these I was told that it was only a possibility that I would return to normal. After the first two visits to Dr. Kim I found a significant reduction in the pain that had been my constant companion. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and he really works with you to get things right. I love how he explains everything he is doing and how it relates to your system as a whole so that you are never left in the dark. I have now seen him 8 times and my pain is a shadow of what it used to be. He has diligently worked on and reduced pain that I have carried for years. I had just about lost hope for being healed naturally, especially dealing with the worker’s comp system. I find myself so grateful that Dr. Kim works with those sorts of cases and have already referred him to others who are in pain and stuck in the worker’s comp system. – Candace, Los Angeles

Dr Kim is extraordinary. He is the real deal. I came to him with numerous problems including digestion issues, >neck and back pain, allergies and eczema, weight issues, and, not surprisingly, I also wasn’t sleeping well. Pretty much, I was a mess. I was quickly reminded of what we learn in kindergarten. The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone… you know how it goes. With the understanding that everything is connected, Dr Kim won’t give up. He will treat the the root of all problems with a gentle hand. He approaches each session with the desire to provide total health and happiness, which includes treating the physical and emotional aspects. I cannot say enough about Dr. Kim. He has truly helped me change my quality of life. – Rayne, Venice

Dr.Kim has been a life saver in so many ways. When I first started working with Dr. Kim now 4 months ago, I had a myriad of issues varying from digestive problems celiac disease, lactose intolerance as well as an adrenal and thyroid problem< that was causing my body to slowly breakdown from my insides out. I was feeling very defeated, but with his kind patience and attention to my needs I have overcome so many of the issues. I am now able to eat without felling sick, I have a balanced thermostat ( no more having to turn on the heater in the summer ) my skin has cleared up and my sleep is overall better as well. I still see Dr.Kim 2 times a week for now but, feel that with every visit I am getting stronger mentally and physically. I would highly recommend Dr.Kim to anyone. – Daniella, Los Angeles

I was unable to walk due to a fractured sesamoid bone in my left foot. My podiatrist said that I needed surgery to remove the bone because it is hard to get blood to flow to the area impeding healing. I decided to see Dr.Kim instead ,for acupuncture and after just a couple of visits I was able to walk a little better. After a few more visits and time I am now back to normal. Not only does Dr.Kim use Acupuncture, he also explains how Qi flows in the body and helps one to visualize the healing process. His deep understanding of Qigong and willingness to teach greatly accelerates the results. – Mark Santa Monica

Dr.Kim is very soothing and professional. He is very responsive to my request to be gentle with those needles! He was very helpful with hormone imbalances and pain I was having. He also gave me Acupuncture for the three days I had a major surgery and I recovered extremely quickly, surprising my surgeon. Also he got me specially prepared liquid herb distillation packets(rather than the dry herbs you have to boil yourself) that are only available in a few places. – Noelle, Los Angeles

Dr.Kim at Tao of Medicine is a master healer. His instinct and awareness treats not just what hurts but he gets to the source of what is causing your pain. after a head on collision in the auto accident, he treated my severe whiplash which resulted in everything from multiple muscle spasms and awful headaches. His treatments resulted in immediate relief of pain and through my treatments I could feel the trauma to my body releasing and healing. He is truly gifted and the real deal. – Izumi, Pacific Palisades

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Dr.Kim at Tao of Medicine for curing my Hyperthyroid conditions. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid about 4 or 5 years ago. I finally went to a highly respected endrocrinologist in 2007. The doctor prescribed Tapazole, one of two drugs available to treat the conditions at the time, only to find that I was allergic to the medicine. I came to Dr.Kim in November of 2007 for treatment, and by my next medical checkup in April of 2008, my thyroid had returned to normal. The conditions have not returned since then. Again, thank you very much! – J.T., Santa Monica

A year ago a number of unusual symptoms began troubling me — unsightly red rashes (purpura) on my arms, hair loss, weight loss, intense itching all over. By far the worst was 5 – 8 episodes daily of massive heat and sweats. The heat was unbearable. My HMO internist sent me to one specialist after another with no answers while I struggled to make it through each day. On a whim I sought out Dr. Kim who previously helped me with low back pain. Immediately he began treatments for a hormonal imbalance along with my drinking a specially compounded tea (which tasted and smelled awful). After a few months the symptom’s intensity slowed and finally halted. By this time western medicine came up with a diagnosis and a plan. But it was Dr. Kim who first understood and was able to control the symptoms. – Judy, Santa Monica

I was a patient of Dr.Hoon Kim in 2008 for my stiff neck medical problem. I was referred by my western doctor with the diagnosis of spondylosis unspecified for acupuncture treatment. Dr.Kim helped me a great deal to alleviate my severe neck pain and enhance the movement in the neck; I was unable to move my neck without moving my whole upper body. It was a very satisfactory series of numerous sessions. I would recommend Dr.Kim to anyone as a most gentle and great acupuncture expert. – Andre, Santa Monica

Dr. Kim is the reason I myself became a bodyworker. He was the first person to treat me with acupuncture, and to teach me how to regulate my body by working with chi/energy. Dr. Kim is a very intuitive physician – he knows exactly where to put the needles and does so in a gentle, nearly pain free way. And if you need to learn Qi Gong, he can help you with that too. A true master of the taoist healing arts. – Jill Heinrich, Energy healer and body work therapist Santa Monica

Dr. Kim at Tao of Medicine is amazing! I have been to many Doctors who claim to do Acupuncture. He is an amazing healer and has a great knowledge of the body and knows the true roots of his craft. I have suffered from major neck and back problems for 15 years and have never felt the relief that Dr. Kim was able to bring. I was benefiting from his treatments immediately. He also proscribes herbal tea’s to help with certain organs and creates his own mixtures. If you are at all wanting to try Acupuncture, PLEASE go see Dr. Kim. you will not regret it! – Stuart, Malibu

Dr. Kim is very thorough and careful and has a way of knowing where the pain is just by touch. The treatments I have received for a rotator cuff injury and >achilles tendonitis have definitely been effective and I am so happy to be getting back to my old exercise routine again. I was really pleased to be able to get in for an appointment right away and happy that the staff was able to tell me up front how much everything would cost–it’s not something that I take for granted! The offices are clean and the environment is very calming. I love it – Amila, Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Kim Thank you for your acupuncture in relieving my internal heat and bone spur on my heel. In the last seven sessions, my body heat has been greatly reduced. The bone spur is still there, but I have much relief. My pain has been reduced by 75%, I wear regular shoes, and the doctor has dismissed me. I have the ability to walk with a normal gait. I do not have to see podiatric doctor unless I feel it is necessary. Again, thank you so much for the relief. – Rosemary Most, Los Angeles

I have been Seeing Dr Kim for several months now for Migraine and infertility – he has been fantastic and knowledgeable in supporting my ailments. My migraines have improved and I am finding it easier to stop taking the usual medication and know that after a session I always feel substantially better. Also now I am undergoing fertility treatment I have every confidence we will be successful with the support of Dr Kim. My husband has been seeing him as well and is equally happy with his work, kindness and support. Highly recommended! – Tessa, Marina del Rey

elsie-joyYes,she arrived – nearly two weeks late! we are so happy that she is finally here – Thank you so much for all your help in getting us to this point! I hope you and your family are doing well.Elsie Joy Park – Arrived Tuesday July 19th at 12.45pm – (12 days late via C-section!) love from Tessa, Steve and Elsie xx, 2011

I have been seeing Dr. Kim for 2 months now with amazing results. I am 4months pregnant and was suffering with severe migaraines and nausea. My headaches and nausea are gone. I have suffered with migraines for over 15 years prior to being pregnant. I never knew there could be a natural cure for headaches. My OBGYN suggested I try accupuncture and I’m so relieved to be rid of debilitating headaches. I have been very happy with my experience and I highly recommend Dr. Kim’s accupuncture. He is very kind, patient and professional. – >Patty, Santa Monica Jan 1, 2010

My Experience With Acupuncture for Epilepsy: As of now, I have been having acupuncture treatment for at least a month by Dr, Kim at Tao of Medicine Acupuncture and Wellness. I have epilepsy and I worked with my neurologist have tried to get the seizures under controlled with several different kinds of medicine but we have not had success. My neurologist recommended me to look into acupuncture treatment as an alternative. I have found that my experience with acupuncture is very rewarding even though the major benefits are not apparent immediately. On the first visit Dr. Kim performed a diagnostic test of my overall body health after we had a detailed discussion to see whether he would be able to help improve my medical condition and my overall quality of life. Each visit I have a talk before and after the session to check in and see how I have improved during the session. He keeps a record of how I have been progressing since I have started the acupuncture treatment which is good because I can actually see how helpful the treatment is and he can target the length of the session, the duration between the sessions, and make adjustments during each session in order to best benefit me. Based on the progress chart Dr. Kim was able to recommend other treatments such as herbal tea. My parents and I have noticed that I have benefited greatly from receiving acupuncture treatment from Dr. Kim. – Michael, Los Angeles 3/24/10

Dr Kim is an honest person who knows and loves his trade. Always willing to discuss principles of Oriental Medicine and always friendly, he has helped me improve not only my specific pain patterns through acupuncture but also my overall health through posture, breathing exercises, and teas.‎ – S.C., Venice April 15, 2010

>I have been going to see Dr. Kim for anxiety and hormone issues for a little over a month and I am thankful to have found relief from from both. Dr. Kim takes the time to tailor treatments to my specific needs through careful diagnosis and practice. I highly recommend that anyone seeking relief from chronic anxiety/depression and/or hormonal imbalance make an appointment. – Robin Los Angeles, May 24, 2010

I see Dr. Kim for a few different reasons: back pain, loss of sleep, and to keep my urinary tract healthy. I highly recommend him and he always knows exactly where you’re in pain and how to treat it. Its an amazing experience & absolutely worth it. He also helps with making special formulated herbal teas just for you. I am so happy that my best friends got me to start seeing him. They also see him twice a week and they love him too. He is an honest man and will truly cure what ails you. – Rafaella NYC, May 26,2010

Dr. Kim is a dedicated professional who helps give each patient exactly what he/she is looking for. I had always been a stalwart workaholic with lifelong insomnia issues, stress headaches and stomach problems. I saw him two times a week for months and months and couldn’t believe the results. In the beginning, I’d get a sound night’s sleep the night I saw him, and I thought that was miraculous. And I worked up from there. He started dropping hints about diet and lifestyle changes, and after awhile I ran with it. My health has seen a dramatic change. I haven’t taken an Ambien in 10 months, and I rarely get unexplained headaches. With my calmer new lifestyle, my digestion and stomach have also calmed down. Thank you, Dr. Kim!‎ – Abby, Santa Monica, June 1, 2010

I met Dr. Kim by accident through my chiropractor when my body was a mess. I had extreme back pain and fatigue which ended up being diagnosed as mercury toxicity. Dr. Kim helped me address all my aches and pains. He was especially good at getting my GI tract in order. He’s a very kind man and went out of his way to lend me his book on natural healing. He also researched mineral supplementation for me while i go through my mercury treatments. He’s terrific and I’d never go to any other acupuncturist!‎ – Karen, June 1, 2010

Dr. Kim is an amazing holistic doctor. He really listened to me talk about a variety of problems I was experiencing. He treated me for numbness in my hands, face and feet and stomach pain and made all of my problems disappear. Many other acupuncturists might treat individual problems in a “spot treatment type” approach but Dr. Kim looks at the entire system to diagnose what is happening in the body. He is the best. – Claire, Los Angeles June 22, 2010

I woke up one morning unable to rotate or tilt my head without excruciating pain and made an appointment for the next day with Dr. Kim. By the end of my first acupuncture session, my range of motion went from nothing to 90% with minimal pain. Dr. Kim knows exactly where the problem spots are and only treats what needs attention. I immediately began to notice how centered I felt and also slept better – waking up feeling extremely refreshed! Moreover, Dr. Kim suggested I would need 4-5 sessions within 2 weeks and then I could return weekly or bi-weekly – he is fair and will not overcharge you just for his benefit. Dr. Kim is kind, professional, and a true healer! – Mindy, Los Angeles 08/08/2010

Dr. Kim is a brilliant healer, I have been seeing him for about two months now and he has played an integral role in pulling me out of a stressful dark time in my life. His treatments have not only helped me through stressful and emotional difficulties but has got my digestive system back on track and helped me get into much healthier patterns. I look forward to my session every week. I’ve been putting off doing any acupuncture for years ’cause I was afraid of needles but they’re totally fine I almost never even feel it. I should have done it years ago. Never the less things are going well now. Thanks Dr. Kim – Andrew, Santa Monica 08/24/2010

I don’t have enough words to recommend Dr. Kim. He’s simply wonderful. I went there having suffered from mysterious body aches that no doctor was able to diagnose or alleviate (eventually, my regular doctor put me on a combination of very strong medication with negative side effects). In the first few weeks of treatment doctor Kim reduced my pain by 80%, not to mention that I was able to drop all my medication. He was also instrumental in finding a proper diagnosis. Unlike many regular doctors who tend to isolate medical problems thus failing to see the whole picture , Dr. Kim looks at your body and mind as one entity and treats you accordingly. He is truly a wonderful healer and he’s made a significant change in my life. Also, he is very flexible and doesn’t overcharge. He actually took the pain of calling my insurance himself to check if his services were covered and helped me set the whole thing up. Going to doctor Kim is like visiting your shrink, your doctor and your spa all at once. And it works! – Magdalena, Santa Monica 09/26/2010

I found Dr. Kim via Yelp and am SO thankful I did. I was having a variety of neurological issues… chronic headache, numbness, weakness, muscle spasms, the works for about 4 months. The doctors could not find anything wrong (negative blood tests, negative brain and spinal MRIs) with me and suggested acupuncture. I also am a huge baby with needles, but I am totally fine with acupuncture. It doesn’t hurt at all. Dr. Kim takes the time, each time I go in, to check up on my condition and tweak the treatment based on what I say. I have had amazing results. I am still not 100% well, but I have only been seeing him for 4 weeks, and am well on my way. The herbal tea that he customizes along with the actual acupuncture have been a god send. If you have medical issues and hear from numerous doctors that you are healthy when you know and feel you are not, I highly recommend Dr. Kim. I have never felt so listened to or cared for by any doctor. You are truly missing out if you don’t talk to him and give acupuncture a try. – Christie, San Diego 10/07/2010

I have had 3 treatments with Dr. Kim for my sciatica issue and now my back pain is 90% gone and ready to return to work. He’s kind, friendly, a good listener, patient and a very caring person. You should go see him! – Masayo, Los Angeles 10/7/2010

I have several herniated discs in the lumbar area and have suffered from severe back pain for the last 9 years. I have learned to manage it and acupuncture is what works the best to relieve the pain and muscle spasms. I have not seen Dr. Kim for more than a year and that is in part because of the effectiveness of his treatment. He is a great doctor and uses different techniques of Chinese medicine to pin-point the problem. I have seen many other acupuncturists and he is the best of all of them. He takes the time to listen and to treat. Unlike other doctors, he is not in a rush, he is very patient and will take the time to treat you. I highly recommend Dr Kim. – Lorena, Los Angeles 07/03/2010

After seeing western docs for my allergy / skin problems, my husband suggested I seek help from an Eastern doctor… and Yelp led me straight to Dr. Kim and I’m so glad it did! So what can you expect from acupuncture and Dr. Kim? On your first visit, it will take 1 hour + as Dr. Kim will ask you all sorts of questions about why you’re there and general health stuff. He looks you over from head to toe, listens to everything you say, and really does a full analysis. He was much more inquisitive than any western doctor I’ve been too. Then, after he figures out what your issues are, he’ll do acupuncture. Ok, I’m a BIG baby when it comes to needles, but he has very fast hands that push those little suckers in with little to no pain. Then, he turns off the lights, turns on a little heating fan, and you rest there for 15-20 minutes. Don’t move thought or else you’ll feel pain shoot up along whatever nerve/meridian the needle is in! I even got an acupuncture ‘facial’ the other day… I think I had 20 pins in my head, but it barely hurt! Also, if you’re on the shy side, bring a pair of shorts / tank top to wear during the session. Otherwise you’re hanging out in a half-open gown and your undies. You should know though that this type of treatment takes time. You have to be willing to commit to sessions twice a week or once a week for a several weeks and be willing to maintain a regular practice. If you can deal with that, and the herbal supplements, then what are you waiting for… GO now! – Mellisa 08/04/2010

I went to see Dr. Kim after two years of EXHAUSTIVE searching for help with adrenal fatigue. Before I found him, I’d tried regular M.D.’s, holistic medicine, gluten free diets, candida cleanses, bio-identical hormonal supplementation, and a ridiculous list of vitamins and supplements. I felt some improvement with the other methods, but nothing got me fully back to “normal” until I started to see Dr. Kim. After about 3 weeks of weekly acupuncture and daily ingestion of a special chinese herbal tea he formulated for me, I feel like my old self after two very long and sad years. My family can’t believe I’m back, and honestly neither can I. I’ve been to many acupuncturists, but Dr. Kim is far and away the best. – Danielle, Venice 10.24.2010

Dr. Kim is the real deal!!! I had just played Golf at Penmar and my Lower back was hurting me. (Bulging Disc L4) And went to Yelp and asked for the closest Acupuncture. I called Dr. Kim and went directly in and he saved me. I have continued to see him and I feel so much better. Dr Kim is kind and clear and extremely knowledgeable. The best in town by far. He is also well versed in Herbal remedies as well. One stop shop! I completely trust Dr. Kim. – David, Film director, Santa Monica November 2010

I came to Los Angeles from London, UK and visited Dr Kim for wellness and wellbeing treatment. I haven’t have any problems with my body but wanted to feel more energized and relaxed. I decided to do an acupuncture and cupping treatment. I can see that Dr Kim is very passionate on what he does and is very knowledgeable. You can ask him any questions you want in relation to your desire treatment and he is very professional. Having done the treatment I feel much better and more even more aware of my body. You can visit his clinic not only for your related current body problems but also for preventive measures and wellbeing. Once DR Kim has fixed you and you can come back again for preventative and wellbeing treatment.Thank you so much for your help. See you again when I am in Los Angeles. – A.E LONDON UK 11/16/2010

Dear Dr. Kim, I am so grateful to you because you have saved me from having to go through a painful and very expensive surgery. When I first met you I was suffering from severe pain in both my hands. I was scheduled for surgery on both of my hands when I decided to try acupuncture. After several treatments with you, my pain is completely gone on my right hand and almost gone on my left hand. I have canceled my surgery and have no plans to re-schedule, Thanks to you. I believe you can save so many people from unnecessary procedures and expense. Thank you again for all your help and great work. Sincerely Camelia K, Los Angeles February, 2011

I have been amazed by the positive changes in how I feel since I started seeing Dr. Kim. I had never had acupuncture before and was suspicious as to whether it worked. For me it has been working amazingly well. Every time I leave Dr. Kim’s I feel better than when I came in and the cumulative effects of going for six weeks have been a godsend. I couldn’t praise him higher. – Courtney, Los Angeles February 10, 2011

I have been to Tao of Medicine and I can honestly tell you that the service there is great. Dr. Kim is amazing and the treatment that he prescribed miraculously healed my condition. The acupuncture sessions in this facility are so serene and they make me feel healthy and full of vitality. I can wholeheartedly recommend his service to anyone who feels out of sorts. Fees are reasonable as well. – H. Nicoletti, Los Angeles February 9, 2011

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