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Sasang Constitutions – Taeyangin


1.Characteristics in appearance & behavior

This type of man has the strong function of the lungs and the weak function of the liver. that’s why the head and the nape which belong to the area of the lungs is well developed, and the lower back and the waist which belong to the area of the liver are weakened and narrowed.

It says that the upper part of the body including the chest, neck, face and the head is so well developed that this type of man has relatively the broad forehead and the muscleless face with high cheekbone.

The lower part of the body including the waist and the legs is less developed. that’s why he cannot sit down or stand for a long time : likes leaning against something or lying down on the floor: cannot also walk the long distance. he is fleshless and has the characteristics of the upper-strength and lower-weakness.

In woman’s case, she’s not fecund because of her weak womb.


This type of man excels others in the thinking power and the quick judgment. he is , however, lack of the planning quality and the boldness: is offensive and has the strong sense of self-heroism and self-respect.

If anything does not go well as he intended, he often loses his temper. with the help of the perspicacity and the creative mind, he is able to or originate or invent something unexpected and impossible to others.

3. Frequent illnesses and symptoms

Ocular troubles, Dizziness, Flushing of face, Acid eructations (belches), Weak legs, Esophagism, Allergy to drug & food.

4. Proper food

Actinidia, Buckwheat noodles, Shrimp, Shellfish, Plums, Grapes, Clam, etc

5. Proper medicines

Acanthopanax, Akebia, Buckwheat, Pine, Strobiles, etc

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