Sasang Constitutions – Soeumin and Taeeumin


 1.1 Characteristics in Appearance & Behavior

This type of man has the strong function of the liver and the weak function of the lungs.

Therefore the low back and the waist which belongs to the region of the liver are well developed: the head and the nape which belong to the region of the lungs are less developed. as he endowed with continental temperament, he has the best physique among the four types: well built skeleton, large limbs, well-developed skin and muscle. he sweats much and has large quantity of urine.

The eyes, nose, mouth and ears are all large: the lips are thick: the jaw is short and flesh: the head is hung down when walking. his body is always sweaty and he perspires much while walking. this is regarded as healthy because it demonstrates he is in good metabolism.

 1.2 Mentality

This type of man seems gentle in appearance, wicked and treacherous in mind, and never opens his own mind.

Sometimes he shows the unbound generosity, sometimes the unlimited obstinacy, and sometimes the stupidity that he tries to carry out something even after he found it wrong.

He sticks to whatever he once started and finally achieves the good result from it. he also sticks to his own opinion and never gives it up whatever others say about it.

 1.3.Frequent illnesses & symptoms

Hypertension, hepatic illnesses, enterlitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, heart trouble, neurosis, hemorrhoid, rhinopathia, constipation, etc

 1.4 Proper food

beef, radish, bean, platycodon, milk, shellfish, plums, grapes, clam, etc

 1.5 Proper medicine

deer antler, snake’s bird, ephadae herba, rhubarb, kudzu, etc

2. So-Eum-In

 2.1 Characteristics in Appearance & Behavior

This type of man has the weak function of the spleen and the strong function of the kidneys. so the upper and the lower parts of the body are well balanced.

He has the natural, calm and exquisite attitude and gives the innocent impression: is a man of regular features: does not sweat and talks quietly, coolly and reasonably: starts to work little by little, step by step: never makes haste: acts slowly and think slowly, too.

 2.2 Mentality

So-Eum-In is a man of few words and irresolute man: has the unsocial dispostion: looks generous, tender and weak in appearance but has persevering mind, the strong will power, the strong sense of responsibility and the systematic and businesslike manner.

2.3 Frequent illnesses & symptoms

gastroptosis, dyspepsia, cold-phobia, habitual stomach pain, acute and chronic stomach trouble, gastrointestinal disease, etc

2.4 Proper food

chicken, carrot, rice, onions, garlics, etc

2.5 Proper medicine

ginseng, actonite, perilla, cinnamon, red bean, etc