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Memory of Qigong Class


This is the one of many good moments in qigong class, as I got busier and the office doesn’t have the large space for qigong, I had to stop the qigong class.

In the class, We learned, shared alot and loved alot; our body, our mind, our balance, the true nature, the universal law, love, compassion, joy.

If your body is not comfortable to you, you can hardly sit and meditate or breathe naturally and also your effort and energy will be dissipated ineffectively, through the qigong class, we learn how to relax and balance and be “Now and Here.”

I still have a phone call for qigong class now and then, unfornately my answer is that I will find the time and space soon.

However I still teach qigong, medical qigong, to my patients according to his or her health conditions in the treatment room, then their improvement gets better and faster combined with acupuncture; acupuncture uses the energy which is “qi” just like qigong, so if you find your qi and could nurture your qi, this qigong will amplify the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.

In these days, you will find easily the places to learn qigong in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, its cost will vary; around $20 per class sounds reasonable in a group setting. Therefore if you have any chronic condition such as hypertension, cancer, HIV, diabetes and so on and your progress is so slow or you have a great amount of  stress, learn and practive qigong; there are many researches and studies of the benefit of qigong.

Resources: Qigong Institute, list of NIH grants for qigong and energy healing, qigong for cancer

Peace and Love……

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