Yin chen hao-capillaris for liver disease

 Herb benefits The liver; yin chen hao, capillaris

Pharmaceutical name: Herba Artemisiae Yinchenhao

Botanical name: Artemisia Capillaris Thunb.

Properties: bitter, acrid, cool

A long time ago, in a small town in china is a man very skinny with the eyes so yellow like a ginger, and one day he trekked a long way and visited hua tuo, the most famous and miracle physician in the world.

“Master, please cure me!” to hua tuo, he looks like a dead man with a severe jaundice and his lungs so damaged.
“I’ve never seen anyone to cure jaundice, sorry I can’t help you.” So disappointed the patient went home and waited for the funeral, but he didn’t die. About 6 months later hua tuo bumped into that jaundice man, he was so surprised that he was still breathing and even more looked alright without any trace of jaundice. And master asked.

 “How could you recover and get healthy? Who gave the medicine? Would you tell me? I’ll find that master and ask for his teaching.” “I never had any physician or medicine.” “How strange! think more! , you must have had the curative herb.” And then this man opened his mouth. “Once food ran out in my house and for a while I lived on wild plants in the field.” “Then that plant must be the medicine that cured you! Tell me where that plant is!” and the farmer took hua tuo to where he found that plants in the near mountain.”

“Isn’t it the ordinary peng, you really ate this and got cured?” “hua tua tried to give this to his jaundice patient but it didn’t help him at all and he went to the farmer again and he said that was it for sure and hua tuo contemplated and asked again. “ then when did you have that plants?”, “it was March when food ran out.” And hua tuo found that in March all the yang qi peaks and the normal peng became the herb with the peak yang qi and gave that to his patient and the patient got cured. The peng harvested after spring didn’t have the efficacy to treat jaundice.

Huo tuo studied the peng for years and found that the soft stems and leaves are the most effective for a medicinal purpose.

And he named this period of peng yin chen peng and left the poem for people to remember the difference of two pengs.


March peng is yin chen, April the ordinary peng

Please, remember my offsprings

March yin chen can cure the disease

April peng only for fireplace


Yin chen is well known to be curative for jaundice which help to produce bile juice and cleanse the liver and lower the blood pressure and temperature and kill Tuberculosis virus and many other viruses.


Capillaris as shown in the encyclopedia of Eastern Medicine:

·         Properties: bitter, acrid, cool

·         Channel Entered: Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder, Stomach.

·         Indication: Clears damp-heat and promote urination

·         Major known ingredients: scoparone, 6,7-dimethoxycoumarin, chlorogenic acid, ß-pinene, capillone, capillene, stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidic acid.


Pharmacological and clinical research:

     yin chen has slightly increased bile flow in white rats and caused contractions of the gallbladder in healthy human subjects. This herb, alone and in combination with da huang and zhi zi, reduced serum bilirubin levels in rabbits with ligated bile ducts.

     Effect on the liver: yin chen hao, alone and in combination with rhubarb root (da huang) and fructus gardeniae jasminoidis(zhi zi), reduced the rate of hepatic cell death in white mice with carbon tetrachloride hepatitis. In other experiments this herb


Home remedy with yin chen:


     Chronic Hepatitis, Jaundice, chronic gastritis

a.      Boil the water 3 times that of yin chen and cang zhu with The same amount of Yin chen and atractylodes(cang zhu) for about 10 hours and strain it and boil it again until it becomes sticky an put the 1/3 of the whole extract of fu ling powder and make a pill the size of black bean. Take 5-10 pills 3times a day before meal.

b. 800g of yin chen and 40g of da huang-rhubarb root, 40g of zhi zi, pour the water 3 times the amount of herbs and boil it until the whole thing decreases by half. Take the tea warm 3 times a day after meal- in particular, very effective for jaundice, chronic and acute hepatitis, cirrhosis.


constipation, diarrhea

Boil the water with 20-30g of yin chen and take the tea.


boil, furuncle

Wash the lesion with the yin chen tea.


10g of yin chen, 15-20g of yi yi ren (seeds of Job’s tears)and water, make a tea and take it 3 times a day before meal.



NOTE: The improper use of Chinese Herbs can be dangerous. Please consult with a licensed acupuncturist and herbologist before taking any herbal products.