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Wujiapi Acanthopanax The Herb For Longevity



Wu Jia Pi (acanthopanax senticosus) ;Root bark, twig bark can be used as herbs.
It is five-leaf plant and the name wujia means literally five leaves.
Acantho means thorn and panax treating everything, so this plan is used for many health condtions.

Traditional quality of herb and Indication:
With Acrid, bitter and warm qi quality, it goes to kidney and liver meridian.
It strengthen the will-power and bone and increase the stamina, clear wind and dampness.

  • Shen nong ben cao jing – The Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica(around 300 BC – 500 AD) – increase qi
  • Myongyi bielu(about 500 AD by tao hongjing) – tonify spleen and stomach and strengthen bone and muscle and will-power.
  • bencao gangmu- compendium of material medica (1596 AD, ming dynasty by Li Shizhen)
    ‘Holding a handful of wujiapi is more better than a carriage full of gold and jade.’
  • dongyi bogam(AD1613 Joseon Dynasty by Heo jun)
    “as time goes year after year, I do not age by taking wujiapi, this is the herb of the mountain sage.”

Modern pharmacological indications from researches and studies in Russia, Korea, Japan,
China, Germany, US are:

Strengthen the immune system
Enhance the secretion of sexual hormone
The benefit of artheriosclosis, arthritis, diabetes, RA, Hypertension, TB, stress, skin disorder etc.

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