The Unique Approach of East Asian Medicine

How East Asian Medicine treats patients in the different way from that of Western doctors.

Painting of two Chinese old men

I have had many questions from My patients new or established or phone calls;

“I have OCD, can you treat this?”

“I have severe IBS, how do you treat this? do you have experiences?”

“I have Crohn’s Disease…”

Most of people bring the diagnostic names, at times, the big names from their Allopathic doctors and ask if I know those names and able to help it.  to some of them,  more complicated diagnosis means they are more sick and need serious attention and treatment. If I say ‘no’, their typical response is that this doctor doesn’t know about this so ignorant.

When someone asks me, ” I have IBS, can you treat it?’, I shoud ask ‘what is IBS, Who is he? ‘

East Asian medicine does not treat the diagnostic names but the very person who have that diagnosis, and also without the diagnosis from the allopathic doctors, we help the patients, however if the patients give the right diagnostic names, this will help us to treat them more effectively; the diagnosis consists of its symptoms.

I believe that alothough humans have two arm, two legs and two eyes and so on in common, those arms, legs and everthing in details are all different and unique, therefore even the same disease can cause the different symptoms with different intensity on the different people in different time and space, so we East Asian physicians do not address the names patients bring but the individual and the treatment is always customized to each patient.

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