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How to Remove Constipation and Keep Your Colon Healthy

How you can remove constipation and keep your bowel movement well regulated in a natural condition.

Health-wise, one of the most troubling conditions for many women is constipation. and quite a few people take laxatives almost on a daily basis.

However, I believe much medication is something akin to poison. the more your intestines gets stimulated with drugs, the more it will require stronger stimulation. those who take laxatives may know this, because in the beginning, you may have had to take only one pill to produce a bowel movement, but with repeated doses, the laxatives becomes less effective, requiring you to increase the drugs to two pills, then three, or switching to a different laxative in the hope that it will work better.

constipation is one of the causes of bad intestinal characteristics; thus it is necessary to alleviate this condition as soon as possible. no matter how good the food is, if you cannot excrete that food properly, it will rot and produce toxins in the intestine. once it reaches this state, the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora will collapse in an instant. the reason you get pimples and rashes when you are constipated is that toxins, which get produced in the intestine, cannot be sufficiently excreted from the intestine.

needless to say, the most desirable situation is to have well-regulated bowel movements in a natural ondition. in order to do that, in addition to eating foods rich in enzymes, it is important to stimulate the intestine by eating foods abundant in dietary fibers, drinking plenty of good water, massaging your stomach along the flow of your intestine and strengthening your abdominal muscles.

If, after doing all this you do not see much improvement, I would recommend having a enema. what I recommend is a coffee enema, which involves cleaning the colon with water containing coffee enema, which involves cleaning the colon with water containing coffee plus minerals and lactobacilli-creating extracts.

Many people in Japan worry that if they have enemas, it will become a habit, and the colon will eventually be unable to work on its own. but according to my clinical data, there is no need to worry. Rather, people who regularly administer their own enemas have better functioning intestines and cleaner intestinal Characteristics, free of stagnant stool and impacted feces.

In contrast, for people who habitually use laxatives-whether chemical products, herbal medicine or natural herbal teas-their intestinal walls become discolored and black. and the more medication they take, the worse the state of their intestines becomes, gradually slowing down intestinal movement. when intestinal movement stops, it becomes easier for stagnant stool to remain in the intestine, creating problems.

I have a doctor friend who, despite his healthy body, still has coffee enemas twice a day. it is not because he cannot have bowel movements, but rather, because he inevitably has some food substances that have abnormally fermented or remain undigested in the colon, even with proper excretion. It is better for the body to excrete stool as soon as possible, especially from the left side of the colon where stool easily stagnates.

Following my advice, it has been close to 20 years since my friend made a habit of using coffee enemas, but his physical condition is better now than it was before.

Even I often do coffee enemas. When I say cleansing the intestine, only the left side of the large intestine gets cleansed by the enema, so it will not hinder the functions of the small intestine, where digestion and absorption occur. Thus, you may have enemas free of worries.

Excerpt from the Book, “The Enzyme Factor” by Hiromi Shinya, MD

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