How to be Rich How to be Strong

To Understand others is to be knowledgeable;
To understand yourself is to be wise.
To conquer others is to have strength;
To conquer yourself is to be strong.
To know when you have enough is to be rich.
To go forward with strength is to have ambition.
To not lose your place is to last long.
To die but not be forgotten-that’s [true] long life.

Translated by Robert G. Henricks

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There are many different translation, however Robert Henricks is my favorite.

Yes, The way to be rich is to know when you have enough.

And Robert says; the author clearly should have added a line between lines 4 and 5 that would contrast with what follows,

“To have money is to have wealth, but to know when you have enough is to be rich.”

There are too many things we want to possess, and our desire and greed don’t know the end, so we suffer from loss, failure…and so on.

Our ancient teacher is preaching here; If you know you have had enough and you are good as you are, You are with “T.A.O.”

The entire TAO TE CHING by Robert Henricks Here.