Food and Cancer from my memories of two friends

American diet and cancer from the memories of my two cancer friends and patients.

Since my two friends passed away, what they said to me at our last meeting in the hospital has keeping lingering in my mind, because they alsmost said the same things, even though one was early seventy man with leukemia and a kind of lymphoma and the other was late forty woman with duodenal cancer and also a long time diabetic.

Lying on the bed, sufffering from pain and discomfort, they both said similarly,
“what I’m thinking now….I really want to have a good double burger…”

And not long after that day, they both passed.

Yes, what is American diet or american food? a good steak, a double sirloin cheese burger?

Now we all know our diet is not right and affected negatively our health and there have been many studies and researches showing the close relation between food and cancer, rhematoid arthritis, ibs, inflammotary intestinal disease, diabetes and so on.

And also we the customers want to know more about the good diet and nutrition and be healthy.

American Institute of Cancer Research