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Chinese herbal medicine for bronchial asthma xiao qing long tang

The name of this formula is thought to be derived from Chinese folk religion. The wood spirit from the east, known as the blue dragon, is present in the billowing ocean waves and is responsible for generating clouds, and for stimulating them to produce rain. This formula transforms congested fluids and expels pathogenic influences like the dragon which manifests in the power of the waves.

‘Xiao qing long tang’ was first introduced in ‘sang hang lun’ about 2000 years ago, however it has been continually used for many health issues related to respiratory system with good efficacy.

Xiao qing long tang consists of eight ingredients:

  • Herba ephedrae – ma huang
  • Cinnamon twing – gui zhi
  • Dried Zinger – gan jiang
  • Asarum – Xi xin
  • Schisandra – Wu wei zi
  • White peony root – Bai shao
  • Pinellia rhizome – Ban xia
  • Honey cooked licorice – Zhi gan cao

Among eight herbs, ma huang is banned, so we use only seven herbs for this in this country, lately I have used the tincture form without ma huang for stuffy nose, runny nose, post nasal discharge, sneeze, moderate chronic bronchial asthma especially when people go to bed and lying down more worse and found it still very effective and the tincture form with dropper helps children to take it without any difficulty ( normally they have very difficult time in drinking the herbal tea.)

Therefore if you have any other these conditions, ask your acupuncturist or herbalist about xiao qing long tang or blue minor dragon. If you live in the Los Angeles area, and near our Santa Monica office, schedule your appointment online today!

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