Book Review Emperor of All Maladies

Demystify Cancer-The chronicle of Cancer which humans have lived with for thousands of years

Biography of CancerMany people think that Cancer is the disease born from the stressful and polluted modern world. In fact, Cancer is thousands year old disease, first recorded on the papyrus 2500 BC in Egypt.

This papyrus contains the collected teachings of Imhotep, and one of his cases was about a bulging mass in the breast cool, hard, dense as a hemat fruit, and he said there, “there is no therapy.”

I have lost several patients with different kinds of cancer over the course of 5 years and found that people don’t really know about cancer as much as they think they do and also cancer therapy should need a good medical team, conventional medicine with alternative medicine such as acupuncture, Asian medicine, diet, nutrition, qigong, meditation etc.

If you want to know more about Cancer, its birth, origin, how cancer therapy has developed in the history of Medicine and where it is going to in the future etc, this is the book you really need to read.

The author, Siddhartha Mukherjee himself is a cancer physician, has been working on this field of medicine.