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How to Remove Constipation and Keep Your Colon Healthy

How you can remove constipation and keep your bowel movement well regulated in a natural condition. Health-wise, one of the most troubling conditions for many…

Acupuncture & Menopause: Creating Physical & Emotional Health with Acupuncture

Hoon Kim L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., Ph.D. WWW.TAOOFMEDICINE.COM Tao of Medicine, Acupuncture and Wellness 2701 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 119 Santa Monica, CA 90405 310-314-7778 Acupuncture and…

What Is Enema(Clyster)?

What is Enema(Clyster)?: Enema is to introduce a substance into the rectum in order to empty the bowel or to administer nutrients or drugs.  The…