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Tao of Medicine Blog

How to Remove Your Stress with Breathing

The Importance of Breathing; No matter how much I emphasize the importance of breathing, it won’t be enough. Breathing is the base of our…

Secrets of Anti-aging and Longevity in Oriental Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective on Anti-Aging and Longevity Aging- The modern definition from Britannica encyclopedia; ‘Gradual change in an organism that leads to increased risk…

How to Clear Sinus Congestion

Try a neti pot or nasal irrigation for your sinus congestion before you go to a doctor. I, myself, am a strong proponent of nasal…

Sasang Constitutions – Soeumin and Taeeumin

1.Tae-Eum-In  1.1 Characteristics in Appearance & Behavior This type of man has the strong function of the liver and the weak function of the lungs.