Food and Herbs That Make Your Skin Healthy and Glow

A bunch of carrots on top of a wooden table.

FOOD AND HERBS MAKE YOUR SKIN HEALTHY AND GLOW Vitamin A: Acting as an antioxidant to neutralize harmful elements in our skin, vitamin A helps to prevent wrinkles, resist infection and maintain the skin’s elasticity. One of the best places to get vitamin A is from vegetables that are deep orange in color, such as…

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The Surprising Thing to Get Rid of Pain

A pile of green leaves on top of a table.

Angie, a 35-year-old woman recently moved from New Mexico, has been having lower back pain for about 6 months, which usually happens in the morning when she gets up. She wasn’t really athletic and didn’t really like working out in the gym. She was more of a yoga type with a thin and long structure.…

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How to Improve Sleep and Chronic Fatigue

A woman laying on top of a cloud in the sky.

. INSOMNIA IS THE ROOT OF MANY CHRONIC DISORDERS Millions of people who suffer from insomnia look for quick fixes instead of exploring the root causes of the problem. Sleep deprivation is the root of many health issues like memory impairment, a weakened immune system and stress that can lead to cardiac disease, heart disease…

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Acute Back Pain Case From Weight Lifting in Acupuncture

A man with tattoos on his back and neck.

Pain control and sports injury case Kelly is an avid cross fit woman, she loves intense training. upper trapezius and back back pain , upper trapezius pain One day, she was having weight lift over the shoulder and felt something wrong on the back, and that evening her back started hurting and couldn’t really sleep.…

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What is ‘TAO’ in My Acupuncture? The Ultimate Journey of My Life.

A painting of an animal with horns on it.

Sometimes, looking at the needles I just placed on my patient body, I thought how beautiful they are! Butcher Ding depicted in a Han dynasty tomb. It should be ‘Art!  It isn’t the repetitive skills or technique but it should come from intuition, creativity and compassion deep inside of that physician and which is connecting…

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